Residents Compromise Proposals

We are all set and looking forward to Thursday, February 6th at Grace Point Community Church starting at 6:00 p.m. and then at 8:15 p.m. to discuss both parts of the Berlin Business Park!

As residents of Berlin Township, we held open neighborhood meetings at Rural Chapel and engaged with hundreds of residents over a number of months to inform and learn from one another, resulting in our Berlin Residents compromise proposals.

The versions we will present on Thursday preserve both ours and our children’s right to a referendum if something undesirable should attempt to go in, for example a 60 foot high light industrial plant next to the school district land. For those property owners wishing to sell farmland, our plans are more than reasonable allowing and retaining hundreds of permitted use codes. They also provide a definitively safer community and stronger tax base.

It seems like a slam dunk, right? Well, we hope…

We will meet with any township neighborhood group and/or speak with anyone living in the township about our points because they are solid and were collectively constructed by so many of US.

You can see our maps (created by residents) below and if you would like to endorse them as opposed to what zoning approved, consider adding your name and address which will be submitted to the trustees at the hearing.
If you would like to see what zoning approved, go the official township site and see the “Land Use Exhibit Map Alt 1 – Revised 10/24/19” map, along with the language for “Article 15” and “Article 19.”

Our Maps

Residents Compromise to the Berlin Industrial Overlay Map (Created by and for Berlin Township residents):…/1FAIpQLSdkcfWvN5AJnltuY…/viewform…

Residents Compromise to the Berlin Commercial Overlay Map (Created by and for Berlin Township residents):…/1FAIpQLScZCbqMopqXhqbDo…/viewform…

As always, please reach out to provide your feedback via:

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