Conclusions – Hearings Round 1

The hearings went very well last Thursday, February 6. Thank you to so many neighbors that made it out and had the courage to speak up, write in, and/or engage in this process! We were grateful the trustees all indicated they would not pass the current proposal as it stands and that they are open to working through together with residents, adding design standards, and taking the time to get the proposal to a place that existing neighborhoods are effectively integrated.

Key takeaways from our proposal:

  • Dispelling of myths is critical to honest dialogue and engagement. We do not care only about our own backyards. We ARE NOT averse to change or growth. We ARE pro-responsible growth and pro-community.
  • We think that responsible growth and a stronger commercial tax base that does not excessively increase the number of students in our schools is desirable.
  • We think it is more than reasonable to allow the property owners the option to sell/develop their land according to the hundreds of uses that have been retained, and for them to do so further away from current neighborhoods while avoiding potentially unsafe building heights.
  • It is important to preserve our natural resources and rural charm as much as possible.
  • We have done our due diligence and put in good faith efforts – being open and honest from the outset.

Make no mistake, we still have a LONG way to go but the next meetings will not be until April so we will have some time to also focus on other important areas of interest such as natural conservation, historical preservation, and parks and recreation. Every voice matters and let’s continue to help shape Berlin’s future together!

Important Note: On Monday at 4pm at the Township Hall, Trustee Bullard has scheduled a working session for anyone who would like to go line-by-line through the “NAICS” codes specifically. These codes are the general permitted uses allowed in the cloud and we retained over 400 of the over 600 proposed. Approximately twenty-five residents contributed to the review of these codes thus far (no small task!). The ones eliminated either carry serious safety concerns or, based on in-field experts, would introduce the risk of odor, sound, or other nuisances.

As always, please reach out to provide your feedback via:

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